Tagetes patula nana
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French marigold "Super Hero Orange" - Tagetes patula nana.
Unpretentious and early flowering!
Plant height 20-25 cm. Flower diameter 4-5 cm.
An annual, herbaceous, surprisingly unpretentious plant with branched stems that form wide and dense bushes.
Marigolds will be a real boon for your flower beds, as well as balcony boxes, pots for your home and patio all summer and autumn, delighting and surprising with their abundant blooms.
We must not forget about the medicinal, spicy-flavoring, colouring and anti-nematode properties of this wonderful plant. The leaves and flowers contain vitamins A, C, B, essential oil, and a yellow coloring matter.
In nutrition, marigolds are mainly used as spicy-flavoring plants for salads, soups, dry seasonings, sauces and drinks, to enrich dishes with vitamins and microelements. In addition, marigolds are used with great success to protect vegetable crops and fruit trees from various pests. Growing marigolds in vegetable rows protects them from parasitic worms and insects. In addition, marigolds grown in pots at home have the ability to repel insects and will save you from flies and mosquitoes throughout the summer.
Marigolds are surprisingly unpretentious and undemanding to the soil.
Sowing: February-March. The seeds must be lightly sprinkled with soil and kept for 10-14 days at a temperature of +18+24°C. After the first shoots appear, the temperature is lowered to +17+18°C and soil moisture is reduced. Marigolds are planted in the ground after frost according to a 15x25 cm pattern.
Further care consists of timely feeding.

Bot. syn.: Tagetes corymbosa Sweet, Tagetes remotiflora Kunze.

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