Tagetes patula nana fl. pleno
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Double French Marigold "Tangerine" - Tagetes patula nana fl. pleno.
Velvet inflorescences of amazing beauty...
The bush is compact, densely leafy, 20-25 cm high. The inflorescences are chrysanthemum-shaped, 4-5 cm in diameter. The color is two-color: the reed flowers are brown-red with a wavy edge, large, orange tubular flowers form a convex center in the center of the inflorescence. The plant is light-loving and drought-resistant. Prefers fertile soils and sunny places (can grow in slight shade).
Used for flower beds, ridges, borders and decorating balconies.
1,0 g = 290-300 seeds.

Bot. syn.: Tagetes corymbosa Sweet, Tagetes remotiflora Kunze, Tagetes signata Bartling, Tagetes tenuifolia Millsp.

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