Impatiens balsamina L.
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Garden balsam "Camelia" (Touch-me-not, double mix) - Impatiens balsamina.
Annual plants up to 60 cm high with erect thick stems.
From July to late autumn they are decorated with colorful lush flowers, reminiscent in shape of camellia flowers.
An unsurpassed plant for semi-shady places (also grown in flower beds, containers and balconies).
The plant is heat-loving, grows well in open sunny places or in partial shade. Blooms profusely on light, fertile soils. Seeds are sown in seedling boxes in March-April. The crops are covered with fine-grained sand in a 3 mm layer and maintained at constant humidity. At a soil temperature of +18+20°C, seedlings appear in 15-20 days.
Seedlings are planted in pots one plant at a time. Planted in the ground after the end of frost with a lump of earth. The distance between plants is 25-30 cm.
Life cycle: perennial plant, but in Estonia it is grown as an annual.
Growing conditions: both in open and protected ground.
Seeds: 100 seeds in 1 gram.

Spotted snapweed, common balsam, horned balsam, ladies slippers, rose balsam, touch-me-not. Bot. syn.: Impatiens cornuta, Balsamina hortensis DC.

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