Allium porrum
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European Leek "Tango".
An excellent high-yielding mid-season variety (the period from full germination to harvesting is 180-200 days). The plant is tall with dark green leaves, the bleached part of the stem is 22-26 cm. It has excellent taste and is used for fresh consumption and for home cooking.
This is a dietary and healing product. It stores well when covered with sand in a vertical position.
Value of the variety: high productivity, excellent quality of the bleached part, becomes juicier during storage. Sowing seedlings in March. Planting seedlings in the ground at the age of 50-60 days (it must have at least three leaves), in mid-May. The planting pattern is 50x20 cm. To obtain a powerful, bleached stem, the plant must be earthed to a height of 20-25 cm. Hilling begins when the thickness of the stem reaches 0.7-1.0 cm.

* Leeks are a biennial plant. The leaves are broadly linear, folded along the central vein, covered with a waxy coating. A cylindrical false bulb 10-30 cm long is formed from the bases of the leaves. The root system is better developed than that of onions.
Leek is a frost-resistant plant, moisture-loving and demanding of soil fertility. Leeks have a long growing season, so they need to be grown in seedlings (seedlings are 50-55 days old). Before sowing, the seeds are kept in hot water at a temperature of +50°C for 20-25 minutes, then they are kept in a damp cloth for 5-7 days. Sow the seeds in boxes with nutrient soil at a distance of 2-2.5 cm. The temperature is maintained during the day at +18..+20°C, at night +14..+15°C. For elongated plants, the leaves and roots are shortened by 1/3 before planting in the ground.
When preparing the soil, a bucket of humus or compost, 2 liter jars of wet sawdust, a half-liter jar of ash, 2 tbsp. spoons of nitrophoska, 1 teaspoon of urea. Dig to a depth of 20-25 cm, level the soil and water well with a pink solution of potassium permanganate. Seedlings are planted in furrows 10-12 cm deep with a distance between rows of 20-25 cm and plants in a row of 10-12 cm. After planting, refrain from watering for 3-4 days.
In general, onions are watered regularly, about once a week, 10-12 liters per 1 m2. 3 weeks after planting, the onions are fed: a half-liter jar of mullein and 1 teaspoon of urea, potassium sulfate, superphosphate per 10 liters of water, at the rate of 3-4 liters per 1 m2. In mid-summer the plants are earthed up. Cleaned as needed. In late autumn, they are dug up and stored in boxes with wet sand in a vertical position at 0..+1°C.

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