Viola x wittrockiana
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Garden Pansy "Rococo" (mix).
Corrugated lace for spring flower beds!
A cold-resistant biennial, subject to certain recommendations, can be grown as an annual.
The plant blooms with luxurious, large flowers with corrugated, velvet petals of the most unimaginable colours, with a dark spot in the middle.
Perfect for flowerbeds, borders, balcony boxes, as well as cut for miniature, elegant bouquets.
Growing conditions.
Sowing: February-March for seedlings or in open ground-May-June.
Flowering: when sown in spring - from June until frost, when sown in summer - from early spring to late autumn (next year).

Garden Pansy "Rococo". Bot. syn.: Viola altaica x lutea, Viola altaica x tricolor.

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