Cucumis sativus L.
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Cucumber "Graceful".
Early ripening: begins to bear fruit 40-45 days after germination.
The fruits are ellipsoidal, finely tuberculate, 9-12 cm long, weighing 90-110 g. They do not turn yellow. The taste is very good.
Productivity: 5-7 kg/m2.
Features of agricultural technology: for open ground and film shelters.
Resistance: Resistant to olive blotch. Very cold resistant.
Use: universal purpose (can be used as a pollinator for other varieties).
Please note that... the increased cold resistance of the "Graceful" variety allows it to be used for the earliest sowings.
The shape of the fruits is very attractive and elegant, so both in a jar - canned and on the table - fresh, they look wonderful. The abundance of male flowers makes the variety an indispensable universal pollinator.

Did you know that... the harvest of bee-pollinated cucumbers is highly dependent on weather conditions. After all, in cold weather, pollinating insects (bumblebees, bees) “work” poorly.
In such cases, a very effective technique is to spray the flowers with a weak solution of sugar syrup.
It is also very important to plant honey-bearing plants near the garden that are very attractive to bees, for example, spicy aromatic plants - dragonhead, hyssop, oregano.

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