Cucumis sativus L.
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Gherkin "Lizst" F1.
Ideal cucumber for pickling.
Short parthenocarpic cucumber for marinated and pickling (greenhouse and open field).
Ultra-early self-pollinating hybrid: from germination to harvest in just 38-42 days.
The cucumber pulp is crispy, very juicy, tasty, with small seeds and without the presence of bitterness.
The fruits are uniform, dark green in color, without a white tip. Length to diameter ratio 3: 1.
Growing conditions.
Sowing for seedlings or for a permanent place. The depth of planting seeds is 1-2 cm. Seeds begin to germinate at a temperature of + 13 + 15 °C. It is warm and hygrophilous, prefers areas with fertile, light soil, protected from cold winds, illuminated. The optimum temperature for growth is + 25 + 30 °C.
Care: watering with warm water, combining them every 10 days with top dressing, weeding and loosening. The crop is harvested as the fruit ripens.
Sowing: May (2,3) -June (1).
Transfer: June (2).
Harvesting: July-August.

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