Cucumis sativus L.
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Gherkin "Mandy" F1.
Leader in precocity: mass fruiting in ultra-early terms.
Attractive dark green colour and exceptional fruit density. The plant is vigorous and vegetative.
Fruits of high uniformity, cylindrical shape, 9-11 cm long. Length/thickness ratio = 3.3:1. Fruit weight 90-100 g.
Recommended for growing in glass and film greenhouses for early production, as well as in open ground in vertical and horizontal ways.
Advantages of the hybrid: early ripeness, plasticity, versatility.
High percentage of marketable output.
The ability to quickly recover from collections and illnesses.
Disease resistance: HR Ccu, IR CMV/Px.
Does not lose its presentation after transportation.

Ultra early gherkin Mandy F1, Ülivarane Hollandi kornišon-kurk, ультраранний Голландский огурец-корнишон
Kurk Melody

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