Cucumis sativus L.
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Cucumber "Pasamonte" F1.
Early harvest, high disease resistance!
Early maturing Dutch hybrid: the period from germination to the beginning of fruiting is 43-45 days.
Parthenocarpic (not requiring pollination) hybrid for open ground and film shelters with a bundle arrangement of ovaries.
The plant is vigorous, ties 2-3 fruits in one knot. Fruits are cylindrical, green, medium tuberous, pubescence is white, without bitterness. Length 6-9 cm.Weight 60-80 g.
The palatability of fresh and canned fruits is excellent. Suitable for pickling and preserving. Possesses complex resistance to the main diseases of the cucumber.
The value of the hybrid: early maturity, high yield, excellent taste.
SOWING: in unheated greenhouses or in the ground, seeds or 25-35-day seedlings are planted in early May, when the soil warms up to + 14 + 15 ° С.
Planting density: when grown in spread - 4-5 plants / 1m², vertical production on stakes / trellises - 3-4 plants / 1m².
The seeding depth is 1.5-2 cm. The soil for growing cucumbers should be fertile, with high aeration (add sawdust, leaves).
CARE: feeding and watering. Water it every 2-3 days with warm water. Once every 10 days, watering is combined with top dressing (1 liter of manure or 10 g of urea per 10 liters of water). Top dressing and watering is carried out in the evening. The plant should be formed into 1 stem.

Eng.: Cucumber. Sven.: Gurka. Suom.: Kurkku. Bot.: Cucumis sativus L.

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