Cucumis sativus L.
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Cucumber "Sander" F1.
Good both fresh and pickled and canned.
High-yielding hybrid cucumber-gherkin variety for growing in open ground.
From germination to harvest 47-52 days. The plant has a compact growth - the main stem is 35-60 cm long.
Dark green fruits 9-12 cm long and weighing 80-90 g.

* Cucumber seeds have high viability and remain viable for a long time - 5-7, and sometimes more than 10 years.
Before sowing, seeds can be treated with growth regulators, which increase seed germination, increase yield, and increase disease resistance.
Cucumbers are characterized by rapid germination: under favorable conditions, the seeds hatch 1-2 days after soaking, shoots appear on the 4-8th day after sowing.
Cucumber is a heat-loving plant that does not tolerate temperature fluctuations. Young plants are very sensitive to frost and even to the effects of low temperatures: at +10, the growth of seedlings completely stops; at +5 °C, biochemical processes are irreversibly disrupted, which leads to the death of roots and then leaves.
Seeds rot in cold, damp soil. Germination begins at temperatures +13+15 °C and above. Seeds are planted in pots or other containers to a depth of 1.5-2 cm.
When growing seedlings, moderate air and soil humidity is maintained and watered only with warm water (+23+25 °C). Cold water can cause cucumbers to get cold and suffer from root rot. Cucumber seedlings are planted at the age of 20-25 days in film greenhouses on May 10-15, in open ground without shelter - on June 2-10. Based on this, you need to calculate the time for sowing seeds for seedlings, taking into account the time of emergence of seedlings.

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