Cucumis sativus L.
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Gherkin "Trilogy" F1.
Resistant to stressful conditions.
Mid-season (vegetation period 50-52 days) self-pollinating hybrid for open and protected ground. The plant is powerful and long-branched. Fruits-gherkins are cylindrical, smooth with a finely tuberculate surface, 8-10 cm long, and do not contain bitterness. The fruits are well-aligned in size and shape. The taste qualities are excellent. Used fresh and for canning.
Growing conditions.
Sowing to a depth of 1-2 cm. Seeds begin to germinate at + 13 + 15 ° C, the optimum temperature for development is + 25 + 30 ° C. Warm and moisture-loving, location - sunny. The soils are light, fertile, and rich. 
Care: watering with warm water, combining them every 10 days with top dressing, weeding, and loosening.
Stability: possesses complex resistance to diseases.
The special value of the hybrid is a plentiful and friendly harvest. Gherkins do not outgrow, which is especially valuable for gardeners who harvest only on weekends. Gherkins are small in size and of excellent quality, suitable for all types of processing, including canning in small jars. Complete resistance to diseases allows you to harvest a high yield. Great fruit uniformity makes it possible to use the entire crop without sizing.

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