Centaurea macrocephala
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Globe cornflower "Mix" (Bighead knapweed) - Centaurea macrocephala = Grossgeimia macrocephala.
Gorgeous flowers for a bouquet!
Bush 60-100 cm high. Holds its shape well, does not fall apart. Yellow, pink and purple “balls” bloom on straight thick stems, up to 5 cm in diameter.
Leaves oblong-lanceolate. Blooms from July to early October.
They are used for group plantings, mixborders, rockeries, and also serve as a good decoration for bouquets.
Agricultural technology.
The plant is winter-hardy, drought-resistant to soils undemanding. Prefers nutritious, loose soils and sunny places. Seeds are sown in April in a permanent place with subsequent thinning, maintaining a distance between plants of 30-35 cm. At a soil temperature of +18°C, seedlings appear in 14-20 days.
Rejuvenation is carried out by dividing the bush every 3-4 years.
Used in mixed plantings in the background or in tapeworms.
This spectacular powerful plant is often given a key role in garden composition.
The large-headed cornflower is photophilous, winter-hardy and drought-resistant. Grows well in soils containing lime.
Recommended for single and group plantings on the lawn, in flower beds.

Bighead knapweed, globe cornflower, golden thistle. Bot.syn.: Grossgeimia macrocephala.

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