Achillea filipendulina L.
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Fern-leaf yarrow "Cloth of Gold" - Achillea filipendulina L.
An ornamental garden plant 110-120 cm high. The flowers are double, collected in loose corymbose inflorescences, up to 13 cm in diameter, yellow.
Propagated by sowing seeds, dividing the bush and cuttings. Sowing seeds for seedlings in March-early April. With the development of one or two true leaves, the seedlings dive. Seedlings are planted in open ground in a permanent place in June.
The plant is unpretentious, grows well in open sunny places, and tolerates partial shade.
Blooms all summer, from June to September.
Looks great in group and single plantings on lawns and in mixborders.
Cuttings are used for arranging bouquets and floral and decorative compositions.

Fern-leaf yarrow, golden yarrow. Bot. syn.: Achillea eupatorium Bieb.

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