Hordeum vulgare
Brand: Legutko
Packaged:25,0 g
Ex Tax: 1.95€
Green vitamins for cats.
Composition: contains a large number of nutrients and vitamins that your cat needs for a normal life.
This variety can be grown throughout the year at home (each new crop with an interval of 2-3 weeks).
When the plants reach a height of 8-10 cm, your pussy can eat them directly from the box.
Agrotechnics: special preparation of the soil is not required. When planting, seeds should be sprinkled with a 2 cm layer of earth. During germination, the soil should be kept moist. The optimum temperature is +18°C. Germination time is 3 to 8 days. The box with sprouts should be kept in a bright place.

* All cats like grass because they need it. It is desirable that the cat always has access to fresh grass, otherwise, indoor plants, many of which are poisonous, or (if the cat is walking) grass from the nearest lawn, which will harm the animal rather than help, can become an object of gastronomic interest. Therefore, the most correct solution would be to have a special pot or box designed for growing fresh grass ...
Sow the contents of the package in any substrate (river sand, earth, etc.), water abundantly. When the grass reaches a height of 10 cm (10-15 days after sowing), the cat can feast on it. Cats can eat both from the garden, and cut, chopped grass, which is added to the feed.
You can grow fresh herbs all year round. And don't be alarmed if a cat that has recently eaten herbs starts to vomit. This is fine. Constantly licking themselves, especially during molting, cats swallow large balls of their own hair. To free the stomach from it, the cat deliberately swallows long blades of grass whole. They reflexively cause vomiting.
In addition, it is believed that fresh herb regulates the process of digestion and bowel function.

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