Solanum melongena L.
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Eggplant "Green NK" F1.
The variety has an unusually delicate mushroom taste.
A mid-early (105-110 days) hybrid variety with a beautiful and unusual colouring of the skin of the fruit, intended for cultivation in open ground and under film covers. The plant is spreading, 70-80 cm high. The cylindrical fruit reaches 23 centimeters in length. Each fruit weighs on average 170 grams. When technically ripe, eggplant is light green. The pulp is very tasty, tender and without bitterness. In cross-section it is snow-white, not darkening. The fruits of this variety are good for any type of cooking.
Productivity 6-7 kg/m2.
The value of the variety: resistance to a range of diseases, cold tolerance, amazing taste and suitability for quick processing.
In many ways, growing eggplants is similar to caring for tomatoes. Due to the vulnerability of the root system, the plant does not tolerate transplantation well, so you have to grow seedlings directly in peat pots and not plant them. Seeds germinate in 10-15 days. Seedlings reach the desired size in 40-45 days. Until the seeds have sprouted, the room temperature should be maintained within 22-26 degrees, and after the sprouts appear, it should be lowered to 13-16 degrees. Then the roots will be stronger, and the sprouts themselves will not stretch. After 5-6 days, the temperature is raised again to 20-25 degrees. They support it until it is planted in the ground.
During the season, from 3 to 5 feedings are carried out. The first feeding is required 2 weeks after planting the seedlings in the ground.

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