Pisum sativum L. (partim)
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Peas (Micro greens).
Peas (seeds for germination). Microgreens.
Peas are a traditional natural product, the sprouted seeds of which have a surprisingly delicate taste, reminiscent of fresh green peas: they go especially well with pasta and rice.
Sprouted peas are easily absorbed by the body (unlike regular peas, without causing excessive gas formation).

Peas Micro greens

Easily cultivated and rapidly growing sprouts – a source of vitamins. Fresh sprouts are used for food, can be used in a mix with other salads, but also are delicious alone.
Juicy and crispy, mildly tasting young sprouts. Sprouts appear 4–7 days after sowing. Before sowing seeds should be soaked for 12 hours at room temperature.
The seeds should be sown in a special medium or ecological substrate.


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