Pisum sativum convar. medullare
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Green peas "Gloriosa".
Medium early variety. The period from germination to technical maturity is 63 days. Plant height 60-70 cm, pod length 8-10 cm, number of seeds per pod 7-9.
Used for canning and fresh consumption.
Growing conditions: sown peas in furrows, 15-20 g per 1 m2. When the plants reach a height of 15-20 cm, they are tied up.
1.0 g = 4-6 peas.
The best soils for vegetable peas are non-acidic, moisture-intensive and breathable. In a crop rotation, peas are best placed after well-fertilized crops: cucumber, tomato, pumpkin and early potatoes. You need to sow peas at the end of April, when there is still a lot of moisture in the soil. Sow the seeds to a depth of 2-3 cm in rows, the distance between which should be 20-30 cm.
Seeding rate up to 100 seeds per 1 m2 (the recommended sowing rate is 200 kg per ha). The sown seeds must be well pressed to the soil so that they are in close contact with it. After germination, care consists in loosening row spacing, watering and top dressing. Harvest as it ripens.

Hernes Gloriosa Peas Горох Глориоза

Eng.: Green peas. Suom.: Herne. Sven.: Ärt. Bot.: Pisum sativum L.

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