Pisum sativum L.
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Green peas "Junos". 
Plant height: 65-75 cm.
Pod length 9 cm.
The pod contains: 8-10 peas.
Days to ripeness: 68.

Extra early green pea.
1,0 g = 3-6 seeds.

Magus hernes Junos Green peas Сладкий зелёный горошек Юнос

* Plants have their own “internet”.
German scientists have discovered that plants have created a system no less global than the Internet to communicate with each other.
A huge network of intertwined roots helps plants communicate with each other. Plants transmit information to each other about the approaching drought and approaching pests, which allows them to prepare in advance for unfavorable conditions. Plants transmit information about the onset of drought or the appearance of the first pests in an “encrypted” form through chemicals that they release into the soil and then absorb with water.
It is possible that plants have more receptors than animals and humans. Plants can transmit electrical signals at speeds ranging from 0.5 centimeter to a centimeter per second. This is much slower than nerve impulses in the human body. But this speed is quite enough for plants. Some types of plants even manage to defend themselves with poison, which kills their enemies...
Have you ever wondered how the tendrils of peas without eyes from afar “see” a twig or branch that they need to grab onto in order to continue growing? In tomatoes, three days before the cyclone, the red skin of the fruit thickens so that the pulp and seeds are not damaged. In pest control, tobacco increases the nicotine content in one gram of green mass as much as it is contained in one hundred strong cigarettes without a filter...
Plants are familiar with the feeling of pain, and the feeling of fear, and sympathy, and the desire for beauty. It’s not for nothing that good gardeners recommend talking to flowers more.

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