Growth activator
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Growth activator.
2.0 g = 10 L.
Purpose: the activator stimulates rooting, accelerates the survival of transplanted plants, increases plant resistance to adverse environmental factors, accelerates plant maturation and increases productivity.
Application: layerings, cuttings, shoots are soaked in water and immersed in activator powder (about 2 cm) in order to root them, and then inserted into prepared holes in the substrate. Before planting, seeds and bulbs are soaked in an activator solution at the rate of 2 g/1 liter of water for 6–12 hours.
Seedlings and germinating plants are watered with an activator solution at the rate of 2 g/10 l of water every 7–14 days.
Composition: CaCO3 – 98.1%, MgCO3 – 0.9%, Fe2O3 – 0.08%, Al2O3 – 0.35%, SiO2 – 0.55%, HCl < 1%.
pH = 9.4.
Selectivity: the drug is effective on many agricultural crops, floral, ornamental and medicinal crops.
Phytotoxicity: not phytotoxic.
This drug is safe for ecosystems, bees, fish and aquatic organisms. There is no risk of contamination of surface and groundwater. Does not accumulate in plants. Hygienic regulation of the drug in environmental objects is not required.
Precautionary measures: when using, observe general hygiene requirements. Keep out of the reach of children. Protect the product from moisture and sunlight. After use, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
Store at temperatures from +5 to +30°C. Store the product in a dry place and away from direct sunlight, then its use time will be unlimited.
Manufacturer: "Penergetic International AG" (Switzerland).


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