Brand: Baltic Agro
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Garden putty paste for healing cuts and wounds on trees and shrubs is much more convenient to use than garden varnish, because garden paste does not harden in cold weather and is easily applied to cuts with a brush.
* Prevents the release of sap in places where trees and shrubs are cut
* Disinfects wounds
* Heals bark damage
* Stimulates active wound healing (biologically active substances included in the paste significantly accelerate the healing of tree wounds).
* Before use, the paste does not need to be heated or softened like a garden varnish.
Purpose: covering wounds on trees after pruning, treating wounds resulting from damage by rodents, frostbite, frost damage, sunburn.
Application: Stir the paste (add water if necessary). Apply with a brush to the cut area immediately after trimming. When treating bark after damage by rodents and after thermal damage, it is necessary to remove dead tissue with a knife until it is healthy and carefully cover the wound with paste.
The paste adheres well to the surface of the cuts, forming a durable coating and does not crack.
At the same time heals and disinfects wounds!

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