Hyssopus officinalis Albus
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Hyssop "Albus" - Hyssopus officinalis.
Perennial semi-shrub of spicy-aromatic group.
It is valued for its pleasant intense aroma, high decorativeness, medicinal, melliferous and food qualities.
The variety is early ripe, from the moment of spring growth to the beginning of flowering 80-85 days. Forms a dense bush 45-50 cm high.
Grows and thrives well. Inflorescence spike-shaped, up to 8-10 cm long, bright white. The foliage has an intense emerald green colour.
The yield of greenery is 3-3.5 kg / m2.
It is practically not affected by pests and diseases. It hibernates without shelter.
Leaves and young shoots are used fresh and dried as a seasoning for a variety of dishes. Hyssop essential oil has antimicrobial and antiviral effects, and is used as a remedy for asthma and bronchitis.
It is widely used in landscaping - to create colorful flower beds, in rock gardens, to complement other flower arrangements. Suitable for cutting, for bouquets. Ideal as a dried flower.
Prefers sunny, well-lit places. The soil requires dry, well-cultivated, loose, rich in nutrients.
To obtain seedlings, seeds are sown in prepared soil in the spring. Germination is carried out at a temperature of +18 + 20 ° C for 2 weeks, keeping constant humidity, in the dark.
Further, the temperature regime is maintained within + 14 + 18 ° C and humidity is reduced. Crops can be sprinkled with vermiculite. Transplanted to a permanent place when the threat of severe frosts has passed.
You can sow seeds in open ground to a depth of 1 cm. Seedlings are thinned out. Mass cutting of greenery is carried out from the second year of life.
To get greens with a high content of essential oil, crops are placed in a sunny area with drained soil.
Flowering period: VI-VIII.
Climatic zones of winter hardiness: Z3-11.
1,0 g = 1000 seeds.

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