Pisum sativum L.
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Wrinkled pea "Six weeks" (Szesciotygodniowy).
The variety is mid-season, 80-100 cm high. Pods are dark green, up to 9 cm long, containing 7-9 sweet peas.
Very disease resistant. The seeds are shriveled when ripe. They contain 6-9% sugar (almost exclusively sucrose), therefore they have a sweet taste (as a result of which it is often mistaken for sugar peas).
It is mainly used for canning (light varieties are preferred for canned food with brine, and dark varieties for freezing).
* Wrinkled pea varieties are not suitable for making soups, since they do not become soft during cooking.
1,0 g = 4-8 seeds.

Eng.: Wrinkled pea. Suom.: Herne. Sven.: Märgärtor.

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