Allium cepa L.
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Hibernal onion "Piatta di Bergamo".
Medium early cultivar producing medium-sized flat bulbs.
Variety value: resistance to diseases, high yield, marketability of bulbs, suitability for long-term storage.
Used for all types of culinary processing.

* Harvesting onions.
Watering is stopped 20 days before harvesting the turnip onions, but care must be taken that the soil does not dry out too much. If the ripening of the onion is delayed (the feather is green and the bulb is not dressed in a yellow shirt), then the ripening of the turnip should be accelerated. To do this, it is necessary to shake off the soil from the bulbs, cut the root system to a depth of 5 cm below the bottom, after which the leaves will begin to dry faster, turn yellow, and the bulb will ripen sooner.
Harvest the onions along with the leaves for quick ripening of the bulbs. You need to dry it within 10 days on the site. In damp weather, they are dried for 12 days in a ventilated room, for an additional two days they are warmed up near heating devices. After that, it can be put into storage.
Onions are cut off, leaving a neck of 3-4 cm. 
The optimum storage temperature is +1 +3°C.

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