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Advantages: highly effective contact fungicide for protecting fruit, industrial, ornamental, medicinal crops and green spaces from spotting, late blight, rust, powdery mildew and other fungal diseases. Simplicity in preparing the working solution. Compatible with most modern fungicides and insecticides. When used correctly, HOM is safe for the environment and does not exhibit phytotoxicity to the treated crop.
Mechanism of action: the drug has contact activity and destroys pathogens at all stages. Being on the surface of the leaves, HOM protects plants from the penetration of pathogens. (Potatoes treated with HOM are less damaged by the Colorado potato beetle).
Activity spectrum: chemical preparation for combating pathogens (sugar beet cercospora, potato late blight, septoria, tomato late blight, apple and pear scab and moniliosis, grape mildew, etc.) of plants.
Terms of use: HOM is used for spraying plants during the growing season at the initial stage of disease development with a 0.4% working solution. After sprinkling, it is recommended to re-treat the plants. Intervals between spraying: 10-14 days. HOM is also used before fruit ripening, but no later than 20 days before harvest.
Period of protective action: the duration of the protective action of inorganic copper compounds is determined by the time they remain on the treated surface and is 10-20 days.
Phytotoxicity: the drug is not phytotoxic at recommended application rates, its use does not affect crop rotation. Phytotoxicity manifests itself in years with high air humidity and a long period of precipitation.
Frequency of treatments: no more than 3-6, depending on the crop.
Compatibility with other pesticides: HOM mixed with organic fungicides from the dithiocarbamate group. In such a mixture, organic compounds have a longer duration of action and are more toxic to pathogens.

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