Viola cornuta L.
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Horned pansy "Sorbet XP Yellow Jump" F1 - Viola cornuta.
"Sorbet" is a very popular series among professional gardeners. Forms a compact and neat bush, strewn with flowers quite large for a horned viola (up to 4 cm). Due to early, abundant and continuous flowering (from May to September), up to 60 flowers bloom on a bush.
The hybrid is ideal for creating a flower carpet in the garden, decorating an alpine slide, and growing on a balcony or windowsill.
Prefers light soil.
Seeds can be sown in early spring (from sowing to the beginning of flowering takes 10-13 weeks) and in autumn, preferably from August 10 to September 10. When sown in the fall, after rooting, the leaf rosettes are cut off, removing the flower stalks.
Propagated by seeds and division of the bush. With prolonged cultivation, abundant self-seeding is observed.
Horn viola prefers moderate temperatures, so it is recommended to plant it in partial shade, or in combination with taller plants that create a fertile shade that protects from overheating.

Horned pansy, horned violet, tufted violet.

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