Capsicum annuum L.
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Hot pepper ''Srilanus'' F1 (12000 SHU).
An early ripe hybrid variety intended for cultivation in open ground and under film shelters.
The plant is compact, about 50 cm high. Fruits weighing up to 50 g, elongated-cone-shaped, slightly curved, 10-12 cm long, red. The taste is medium-sharp and spicy. The aroma is strong. Does not require the formation of plants.
It is used in canning, salads, as a condiment and spice.
Loamy, breathable soils are suitable for pepper. Good predecessors are cucumber, cabbage, and legumes. Before sowing, the seeds are treated in a solution of potassium permanganate, and then washed with clean water. Picking - in the phase of 1-2 true leaves. Seedlings are planted at the age of 60 days. Planting pattern - 30x30 cm. Watering should be carried out after sunset with warm water. Feeding should be carried out during the entire growing season.

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