Complex mineral fertilizer
Brand: MKDS
Packaged:1000,0 g
Ex Tax: 7.95€
Complex mineral fertilizer of long-term action "180 DAYS", which is used for feeding coniferous and evergreen plants only once every six months and provides good nutrition.
* Promotes the formation of a powerful root system.
* Does not wash out from the soil.
* Easy to dose.
The fertilizer is mixed with the soil before planting the plant or evenly spread over the loosened soil next to the planted plant. After that, abundant watering is carried out.
Consumption rate:
In the landing pit: 20-60 g.
For flowerpots: 5 g / l of soil.
For ornamental plants: 50 g / m2.
For trees and shrubs with a height of 0.3-2.0 m: 10-50 g.
For trees and shrubs with a trunk diameter of 3-30 cm: 20-250 g.
5 g = 1 teaspoon.

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