Allium carinatum ssp. pulchellum f. album
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White keeled garlic - Allium carinatum ssp. pulchellum f. album.
A small floral firework display with delicate white twinkling stars arranged in mini umbrellas. Perfect for dried flower arrangements.
Perennial. Family: Alliaceae.
Natural flowering period: July - August.
Flower color: white.
Foliage: linear, medium green.
Flowering plant height: 40-50 cm.
Distance between plants: 30 cm.
Soil Requirements: dry, well-drained, loamy.
Climate hardiness zones: Z3-9.
Use: for rock garden, suitable for cutting, fodder plant for honey bees.
Best sowing time: late autumn - early spring.
From seed germination to transplant: 8-10 weeks.
Transplant to a pot: after 10-12 weeks.
1.0 g = 550 seeds.
Number of grams for 1000 plants: 7.0 g (when sown directly in pots or open ground, more will be required).
Agrotechnics of sowing.
Stratification required: sowing should be kept warm (approximately +18°C to +22°C) and moist for the first 2-4 weeks.
After this period, sowing must be kept at a cold temperature (from -4°C to + 4°C) for another 4-6 weeks. In this "cold" period, powdering with snow will be a useful technique. Then the temperature is usually kept in the optimal range from -4°C to 0°C. Sowing is kept moist, and melted snow contributes to the destruction of the shell, which is very important for germinating seedlings. After this cooling period, the crop should not be immediately exposed to high temperatures. The most effective temperature is from +5°C to +12°C, even if germination has already begun. The best place for such sowing (even in March, April and May) is open ground, a cold greenhouse or a cold greenhouse.

Eng.: Keeled garlic. Bot.syn.: Allium cirrhosum Vand., Allium coloratum Spreng., Allium pulchellum G.Don.

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