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Gel bait for the destruction of ants "Imidasect Ants".
This bait is very effective because it works on the principle of a "Trojan horse": scout ants discover the attractiveness of special attractants, laying a pheromone path for worker ants, who cheerfully begin their mission, unaware that they are carrying a deadly poison into the nest for "Queen Mother"...
Intended use: Argentine ants (Linepithema humile) and pharaoh house ants (Monomorium pharaonis).
Ingredients: ready-to-use gel.
Active ingredient: Imidacloprid (chemical family: nitroguanidines (neonicotinoids)).
Concentration: 0.01% by weight.
Effect: The active substance (imidacloprid) binds to insect neurons, causing irritation during the transmission of nerve impulses that are fatal to the target insect. The ingredients of the poison bait attract ants, which dynamically spread the poison gel, causing poisoning by contact and oral application, regardless of their stage of development (eggs, larvae or adults).
Application: before use, remove all common food sources of ants (garbage, food waste) on the treated area to facilitate the application of the gel and increase its effectiveness.
Place gel trays near ant paths and nest entrances. Check bait trays once a week. While inspecting the treated area, replace the trays if necessary.
Do not expose the gel to direct sunlight or heat sources (for example, do not place it under a radiator).
IMIDASECT ANTS gel is recommended for use at home (in the kitchen), food manufacturers (restaurants, commercial kitchens, slaughterhouses, etc.), in public places (hospitals, hotels, saunas, cinemas, grocery stores, wholesale stores, churches, etc.).


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