Bitter-Root "Alba White"
Lewisia "Alba White" - Lewisia cotyledon. Perennial. Blooms from late spring to early autumn. The average germination time is 21-28 days. light-loving. Sowing: Seeds are sown superficially or by pressing into the soil. Can be so..
Geneva Bugleweed (Upright Bugle)
Upright Bugle (Geneva Bugleweed) - Ajuga genevensis. An evergreen perennial from the Lamiaceae family. Origin: from Central and Southern Europe to the Caucasus (dry pastures, forest margins). Similar to Ajuga reptans, but without above-ground shoo..
Globe garlic (ball-head onion)
Round-head garlic (Globe garlic) - Allium sphaerocephalum. Effect perennial onion comes from Central and Southern Europe. Flower colour: purple-red. Flowering plant height: 50 cm. Natural flowering period: July - August. Winter hardiness zo..
Meadow Rue
Meadow Rue - Thalictrum delavayi. The most decorative species among the representatives of the genus. Unpretentious and winter-hardy. Very handsome. Homeland - China. Height 100 cm (up to 1.5 m). The flowers are lilac-pink, collected in a lar..
Tomato "Amish Yellow Giant"
Tomato "Amish Yellow Giant". An indeterminate heirloom tomato from the USA. Fruits weighing from 200 to 500 g. Bright yellow color, with thick flesh and small core. Slightly sour taste and exotic aroma. High resistance to late blight. ..
Tomato "Babushkin Secret"
Tomato "Grandma's secret". Tall, up to 150 cm and above. Ripening period 94-118 days. The leaves are large, dark green. On one brush 3-5 fruits. Tomatoes are large, about 350 g pink, flat-round with a ribbed surface. Juicy, meaty and ..
Tomato "Bijsky Rozan"
Tomato "Bijsky Rozan". Mid-early (105-109 days), determinant variety 55-75 cm high. Fruits are flat-round, fleshy, weighing 250-600 g (up to 1 kg). The grade differs in high productivity and tastes. ..
Tomato "Blue Beauty"
Tomato "Blue Beauty". Part of Indigo series productive variety that has fleshy, blue-pink fruits in unusual shade of blue. Plants with abundant leafage which protects fruits from the sun. Tough fruits with thick flesh have lots of ant..
Tomato "Dark Tiger"
Tomato "Dark Tiger" A beautiful rare indigo tomato from USA. Medium-size plants produced well all season long. Pretty, deep red plum-sized fruits with indigo-blue shoulders are high in anthocyanins. Outstanding delicious, ta..
Tomato "Early Love" (Rannyaya Lyubov)
Tomato "Rannyaya Lyubov ("Early Love"). A Russian tomato for growing in pots and ground. Created by Russian breeders in 1999. Juicy deep pink fruits grow up to 300-400 g.  In Russia there is a variety of this name with red fruit..
Tomato "Everett`s Rusty"
Tomato "Everett s Rusty". Mid-season, up to 1.8 m high. It is desirable to form in 1-2 stems with pinching and garter. Weight 250-300 g. Tomato color of unusual color. Green with a burgundy-brown color and a bronze tint. In the context of ..
Tomato "Glossy Rose Blue"
Tomato "Glossy Rose Blue". A new tomato from Indigo series. Cherry-sized fruits with beautiful pink-purple-blue colors and balanced sweet flavor are gathered in large bunches. The plants also can be grow with multiple s..
Tomato "Guker`s Special"
Tomato "Guker`s Special". Perfectly balanced sweetish taste with slight sourness. One of the most delicious pink varieties. A breeding variety from Illinois with a long-lasting yield. Indeterminate and vigorous plants with potato-type lea..
Tomato "Hippie Zebra"
Tomato "Hippie Zebra". Highly productive multicolored indeterminate tomato. Potato leaves. Very tasty, juicy fruits with red and green stripes and complex sweet-tangy flavor grow up to 150-200 g. ..
Tomato "Ispolin Red"
Tomato "Ispolin Red" Very large red fruits for salad purposes. Large-fruited, mid-season, indeterminate variety intended for cultivation in closed ground. The period from germination to the beginning of fruit ripening: 115-120 days. Bush..
Tomato "Jazz"
Tomato "Jazz". Juicy pink fruits with yellow and crimson stripes. Highly productive, but rare variety of large-fruited tomato for amateur gardening. Mid-season. Indeterminate (up to 200 cm). The plant is powerful - it is optimal to form ..
Tomato "Ljubitelskiy Rozovyi"
Tomato "Ljubitelskiy Rozovyi" Early ripe (105-110 days), high-yielding variety for open ground and greenhouses. Height 1.5-1.6 m. Fruits are flat-round pink, fleshy, very tasty, large (250-600 g.) 1,0 g = 250 seeds. ..
Tomato "Medvežja Lapa Pink"
Tomato "Bear Paw Pink". Mid-early highly productive large-fruited variety of amateur selection. The variety is characterized by a rare combination of large-fruited and enviable yield. The fruits are flat-round, pink, leveled, fleshy and..
Tomato "Medvežja Lapa Red"
Tomato "Bear Paw Red". Mid-early highly productive large-fruited variety of amateur selection. The variety is characterized by a rare combination of large-fruited and enviable yield. The fruits are flat-round, bright red, leveled, flesh..
Tomato "Medvežja Lapa Yellow"
Tomato "Bear Paw Yellow". Mid-early highly productive large-fruited variety of amateur selection. The variety is characterized by a rare combination of large-fruited and enviable yield. The fruits are flat-round, yellow, leveled, fleshy..
Tomato "Moonlight mile"
Tomato "Moonlight mile". New and rare tomato from breeder Blane Horton (USA). The result of crossing the varieties "Karsons First" and "Faelans First Snow". It has an unusual variegated color of leaves and stems with w..
Tomato "Negrillo de Almoguera"
Tomato "Negrillo de Almoguera" High-yielding, medium-late variety, resistant to diseases. A bush about 1.5 meters high and above, with a powerful root system. Fruit weight 150-300 grams. The pulp is fragrant, juicy, dense, sweet, but sli..
Tomato "Opalka"
Tomato "Opalka". An old Polish variety with fruits up to 20 cm long. Has indeterminate plants with weak shoots and high blight tolerance that grow up to 160 cm and can be divided in two stems. Sweet, fleshy fruits with little amo..
Tomato "Ozark Sunset"
Indigo tomato "Ozark Sunset". A very rare American variety with a high antioxidant content. Its sweet and sour taste and rich aroma are used in salads, for decorative purposes and as a snack. Indeterminate. Medium ripening. ..
Tomato "Pink Accordion"
Tomato "Pink Accordion" A pink variety with ribbed fruits. Dark pink fruits in unusual shape, weigh to 450 g and mild taste contain little amount of seeds. For salads, conserves and stuffing. Indeterminate. ..
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