Cucumber "Nezhinsky"
Cucumber "Nezhinsky". A very popular variety for salting! Mid-season, long-climbing, bee-pollinated variety for open ground and temporary film shelters (fruits on the 50-55th day from germination). The fruit is dense, large-tubercular wi..
Tomato "Cosmonaut Volkov"
Tomato "Cosmonaut Volkov". Mid-season salad variety: 115-120 days pass from germination to fruit ripening. The plant is indeterminate, 150-200 cm high. Grown in greenhouses. Resistant to diseases. The first brush is placed above the 9th ..
Tomato "Jablonka Rossii"
Tomato "Jablonka Rossii". Early ripening variety (90-110 days from germination to ripening). The plant is 60-80 cm high and does not require pinching. The fruits weigh 70-80 g, are resistant to cracking and mechanical damage, tasty, dense..
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