Alpine strawberry "Aromatny Sjurpriz" (mix)
Alpine strawberry "Fragrant surprise" (mix). The bright and sweet! A mixture of the best remontant, beardless and winter-hardy varieties of alpine strawberries. Traditionally colored berries attract attention with their rich, bright colo..
Eggplant "Zelyonenky NK" F1
Eggplant "Green NK" F1. The variety has an unusually delicate mushroom taste. A mid-early (105-110 days) hybrid variety with a beautiful and unusual colouring of the skin of the fruit, intended for cultivation in open ground and under fil..
Hot pepper "Russky Razmer XL" F1
Hot pepper "Russian Size XL" F1. Sharp giant! Miracle - “peppercorn” 25-30 cm long. Mid-early hybrid for open ground and shelters. Resistant to high temperatures and viral diseases. The fruit is thick-walled and red when ripe..
Long cucumber "Russky Razmer XXL" F1
Sallad cucumber for greenhouse "Russian Size XXL" F1. Great taste. The longest! A special hybrid for growing in hot climates (very heat-resistant). The fruits are straight, often tuberculate, located mainly on the main shoot. They grow q..
Onion "Russian Size XXL"
Salad onion "Russian Size XXL". The largest of the onions - weighing up to 3 kg! Thanks to its exceptional qualities: delicious, delicate, sweet taste, absence of a sharp onion smell, it is excellent in salads. To obtain selected, large ..
Onion "Serebrjany Prints"
Onion "Silver Prince". Beautiful and yieldy! Medium late, very productive variety. The bulb is round, with dry scales of a beautiful silvery color, with an average weight of 50 g. The variety is convenient for harvesting with greens and ..
Onion "Strigunovsky Mestny"
Onion "Strigunovsky local". Spicy, perfectly stored! Mid-season variety. The period from germination to harvest is 80-100 days. The bulbs are round, with a slight slope up or down, weighing 55-80 g with a dry matter content of 19.2 mg% an..
Sweet pepper "Apelsin krasny" F1
Sweet pepper "Red Orange" F1. Super sweet and very aromatic: a ready-made dessert! Delicious sweet pepper with enhanced aroma and high carotene content. When dried, numerous bright fruits weighing 30-40 g each produce sweet candied fruits..
Sweet pepper "Gannibal"
Sweet pepper "Hanibal". Early ripening variety: 87-89 days before technical ripeness. The plant is standard, semi-spreading, of medium height. The position of the fruits on the plant is drooping. The fruit is prism-shaped, glossy, dark gr..
Tomat "Schselkovsky Ranny"
Tomato "Shchelkovsky early". Extra early variety. The plant is compact, 30-35 cm high. Does not require pinching. A fruit without a green spot on the stalk, weighing 40-60 g, with excellent taste. Use - universal. It is distinguished by..
Tomato "Bolshoy plombir"
Tomato "Big Ice Cream". Beautiful and delicious - just like dessert! An excellent large-fruited mid-early variety for open ground and film greenhouses. Fruits with an average weight of 140-150 grams, flat-round, medium-ribbed, multi-chamb..
Tomato "Chernichno-Slivochny" F1
Tomato "Blueberry and Сream" F1. Delicious contrast! Indeterminate, mid-ripening hybrids with fruits of two decorative colours: dark (rich in anthocyanin) and light (the colour of delicate cream) - complement each other in colour and tast..
Tomato "Chornaya Grozd" F1
Tomato "Black bunch" F1. Innovation: never before has there been a tomato with such a deep black colour! Its dark peel is rich in powerful antioxidants anthocyanins and lycopene. The pigment appears in the skin already at an early stage o..
Tomato "Cygan"
Tomato "Gypsy". Mid-season variety for film greenhouses. Plant height is 90-120 cm. The fruits are beautiful, smooth, fleshy, weighing 100-180 g. The first brush is placed above the ninth sheet, the next ones after 2-3 sheets. Salad varie..
Tomato "Finik Zholty" F1
Tomato "Yellow Date fruit" F1. A worthy competitor to the sweetest southern berries - dates! Having tasted the sweet, honey-like fruits of the Date tomato, many gardeners simply refuse to eat any other tomatoes... Its pulp has a special ..
Tomato "Grusha chornaya"
Tomato "Black Pear". Great taste and unusual look! Mid-season variety. Recommended for film greenhouses and shelters, as well as for growing in open ground. The plant is tall, indeterminate type. The first inflorescence is laid above the..
Tomato "Jabloki na snegu"
Tomato "Apples on the Snow". Bright red fruits, without a green spot at the stalk. Early ripening (95-100 days), productive, cold-resistant variety. The plant is compact, standard, 40-60 cm high. The fruits are round, very tasty, with a ..
Tomato "Kish-Mish Krasny" F1
Tomato ''Kish-Mish Red'' F1. The bunches of these tomatoes will delight the eye and will not disappoint with their excellent taste! Small, sweet fruits, 15 g each, deep red in colour, good for snacks and desserts! Do not crack after..
Tomato "Kish-Mish oranzhevy" F1
Tomato "Kish-Mish Orange" F1. The bunches of these tomatoes will delight the eye and will not disappoint with their excellent taste! Indeterminate, mid-season hybrid variety. Forms up to 20 fruits in a brush. Resistant to tobacco mosaic ..
Tomato "Lemon Giant"
Fleshy yellow tomato ''Lemon Giant''. Only pulp! Mid-season salad variety. Plant height 120-140 cm. The first brush is laid over the 7-9 sheet, the next - after 2-3 sheets. The fruits are flat-round, very large, weighing up t..
Tomato "Mikron"
Tomato "Mikron-NK". Unique, the world's smallest tomato variety, only 10-15 cm high. Juicy and decorative! Super resistant to cold, neutral to daylight hours. Incredibly ornamental plants with masses of fruit, great in borders, contai..
Tomato "Russki Bogatyr"
Tomato "Russian Hero". Large-fruited, for open ground, with excellent taste! Determinate, mid-early variety (from germination to ripening 110-116 days). The plant is determinate, powerful, producing 5-6 fruits in a cluster. The fruits ar..
Tomato "Saharny Gigant"
Tomato "Sugar giant". Especially for gourmets! Late-ripening variety for film greenhouses and open ground. The plant is indeterminate and powerful. The fruits are cube-shaped, with an average weight of 600 g, intense red-pink color. The ..
Tomato "Sinjaja Grozd" F1
Tomato "Blue Bunch" F1. Not only extremely beautiful, but also very useful! An indeterminate, mid-season and very exotic tomato hybrid with strange fruits that play in the sun with all shades of blue. The fruits are round, smooth, weighi..
Tomato "Uralsky ranny"
Tomato "Ural early". A very early and productive variety! The fruits are beautiful, small, round and flattened with very tasty, dark red pulp. ..
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