Arbuus "Astrahansky"
Watermelon "Astrakhansky". Mid-season (the period from mass germination to the first harvest is 70-81 days). The plant is medium-climbing. The leaf blade is medium, bluish-green, the dissection of the leaf blade is average. The shape of t..
Strawberry "C-141" F1
Strawberry "C-141" F1. This hybrid variety will pleasantly surprise and delight you with an abundance of large, sweet berries! Plants immediately after planting begin to produce crops, regardless of day length and time of year, which make..
Tomato "Nocturne" F1
Tomato "Nocturne" F1. Early ripening, large-fruited, very productive hybrid. The plants are semi-determinate, with short internodes, and automatically mature after the formation of 4-6 clusters. The fruits are flat-round, slightly ribbed,..
Tomato "Overture" F1
Tomato "Overture" F1. • Suitable for brush collection! • Does not overripe on the plant! • Never cracks, even with strong changes in temperature and humidity! An early ripening, highly productive, indeterminate hybrid v..
Tomato "Rhapsody" F1
Tomato "Rhapsody" F1. Early ripening, indeterminate hybrid for harvesting by brushes. Each cluster contains 7 or more fruits. Fruit weight 110-140 g. The plants are strong, vigorous, with very short internodes. A very large number of brus..
Tomato "Sonata" F1
Tomato "Sonata" F1. Early maturing, indeterminate, large-fruited hybrid. Plants are strong, spreading, with short internodes. The brushes are aligned and beautiful. The fruits are large, uniformly brightly colored, with juicy pulp of excel..
Watermelon "Moscow Charleston" F1
Watermelon "Moscow Charleston" F1. The earliest among hybrids with oval fruits! The fruits ripen 80 days after emergence. Dark green fruits reach a weight of 8-10 kg. The bark is strong, smooth, shiny. The pulp is dense, juicy, without fib..
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