Apium graveolens var. secalinum
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Celery - leaf  "Jemny" - Apium graveolens L. var. secalinum Alef.
A variety of leaf celery intended for the harvest of fine, strongly aromatic leaves. The plant forms a very thick rosette with 30 to 40 shoots. The growing time from planting is approx. 70 to 80 days. Recommended spacing is 40 x 35 cm to 40 x 40 cm.
1 gram = 1800-2500 seeds.

Lehtseller Apium graveolens L. var. secalinum Leaf celery celeriac LEHTISELLERI Selleri Apium graveolens L. var. dulce  Сельдерей листовой
Leaf celery.

* In order to save celery leaves for the winter, they must be thoroughly washed, and after all the water has drained, finely chopped.
Then mix the chopped greens with salt (at the rate of 200 g of salt per 1 kg of leaves) and place tightly in a clay pot.
Such greens are great in any broth, and the broth no longer needs to be salted!

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