Petroselinum crispum convar. vulgare
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Top-leaf parsley "Kaderava" - Petroselinum crispum convar. vulgare.
This is a variety which is intended for all year round harvest of tops which is suitable for immediate consumption, freezing as well as drying.
The leaves are double curled, and have a dark green colour. The tops grow intensively and harvest can be repeated several times after 8-10 weeks.
Sowing is possible all year round, but in summer months watering is necessary.
The growing time from spring and summer sowing to harvest is 80 - 90 days, from autumn sowing it is 150 - 180 days.
The recommended spacing is 20 x 3 cm.
The leaves are curly, dark green with medium-long petioles.
It is sown in open ground from April to July, in room conditions it can grow all year round.
Taste is high. Very fragrant. Long shelf life after cutting.
1,0 g = 450-650 seeds.

Eng.: Leaf Parsley (tops). Bot.:Petroselinum crispum convar. vulgare.

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