Allium cepa L.
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Hibernal onion "Vshetana".
Type: Spring.
Days since sowing: 124.
Bulb weight: up to 120 g.

The bulb is rounded medium density. The colour of dry scales is straw-yellow, juicy-white. The neck is of medium thickness. Three-armed. The taste is semi-sharp.
In an annual culture, seeds are sown for seedlings in March, seedlings are planted in open ground in early May. In a biennial culture, seeds are sown directly into open ground in late April - early May, to a depth of 1.0-1.5 cm.
The value of the variety: stable yield, levelled bulbs, their excellent ripening and keeping quality. It is grown in an annual culture from seeds and a two-year-old from sets. The sowing scheme is 5-7x10-15 cm. The yield of turnip is 1.0-3.5 kg/m.


Onion Vðetana

Hibernal onion. Bot.: Allium cepa L.

Did you know that... when harvesting onions, the root neck does not need to be cut off. It prevents bacteria from entering the bulb.
If you are going to weave a bow, then you should leave a neck 10 cm or more long and be sure to dry the bow well.
The onion in "braids" looks especially impressive if you weave yellow, red and purple onions.

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