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Bunching onion "Gerda" (Welsh Onion)
Wintry green onion "GERDA" - Allium fistulosum L. Excellent quality for cutting and bunching. Very early bunching onion with a delicious taste and dark green, erect leaves. Suitable for field and tunnel year-round production. Very re..
Bunching onion "Kaj"
Bunching Onion "KAJ" (SMCS03) - Allium fistulosum L. A variety from "SEMO" that is both early and vigorous. Single stalks can grow up to 70 cm with a particularly long white stem. Adapted under various climate conditions fo..
Chive "Erecta"
Chive "Erecta" - Allium schoenoprasum L. A variety with a more delicate taste than the others and a strong, upright feather. Forms a rich green mass. It is also valued for its beautiful spherical inflorescences with pink-lilac flower..
Chive "Jemna"
Onions on greens "Jemna" (Chives) - Allium schoenoprasum. Cold-resistant plant. The leaves are juicy, large, covered with a wax coating. The mass of leaves of one plant is 50-80 g. It gives an early, amicable harvest of greenery. Wei..
Chives "Praga"
Chives "Praga" - Allium schoenoprasum L. This is an early variety which is intended for forcing as well as field growing. The leaves are light green and thin. They have a slightly sharp taste. The growing time, until the first harvest, is ..
Garden leek "Bystrin" F1 /100 g/
European leek "Bystrin" F1 (for summer harvest) - Allium porrum L. A leek with a long white shaft for early July harvest (in Central Europe conditions) also suitable for fields covering by row cover. BYSTRIN has showed very long..
Garden Leek "Columbus" (Zwitserse Reuzen) /100 g/
Garden Leek "Columbus" (Zwitserse Reuzen) - for summer harvest. The leek was once bred from a wild onion growing in the Mediterranean. It looks like a giant green onion, but it has a richer taste and aroma. There are winter leeks (wi..
Garden leek "Odrin" F1 (for overwintering) /100 g/
EUROPEAN LEEK “Odrin” F1 - Allium porrum L. A winter variety with superior cold tolerance and a short but robust plant. It has a very strong root system and grows fast, even at low temperatures. In the spring it grows much faster th..
Garden Leek "Starozagorski Kamus" /300 g/
Garden Leek "Starozagorski Kamus" - Allium porrum. A rapidly growing variety intended for summer and autumn harvesting. The leaves have a light green colour. Sowing of seeds from January until mid-April, planting out from April. Th..
Hibernal onion "Dagmar"
Onion "Dagmar" - Allium cepa L. Type: spring. Days since sowing: 125. Weight: up to 140 g. Mid-season, high-yielding variety of long-day onions, intended for short storage. The bulbs are rounded, with a thin neck. Dry scales ..
Hibernal onion "Vshetana"
Hibernal onion "Vshetana". Type: Spring. Days since sowing: 124. Bulb weight: up to 120 g. The bulb is rounded medium density. The colour of dry scales is straw-yellow, juicy-white. The neck is of medium thickness. Three-armed. The..
Onion "Agostana"
Vernal onion "Agostana".  Type: spring. Days since sowing: 133. Fruit weight: up to 150 g. A high-yielding, late onion variety with a bright white-silver colour. The bulb remains compact when cut and does not fall apart. It is..
Onion "Albienka"
Vernal white onion "Albienka". A variety of delicacy onions grown by spring sowing. Used fresh and for preservation. A short time to storage. Medium-early variety of long-day onions, intended for short storage. Bulbs are spherical in shap..
Onion "Alice" /400 g/
Hibernal onion "Alice" - Allium cepa L. Type: Spring. Days since sowing: 123. Fruit weight: up to 130 g. A variety for growing from seed. The flesh is white to yellowish. The variety is adaptable, resistant to mechanica..
Onion "Augusta" (overwintering)
Overwintering onion "Augusta" - Allium cepa L. Type: Winter. Weight: up to 110 g. A mid-late overwintering onion variety. This variety can be harvested either with tops to be bunched or in the usual way. Sow in mid-August. 1,..
Onion "Blanco Duro" (Southport White Globe)
Onion "Southport White Globe" (Blanco Duro). Variety for salads. The bulb reaches up to 650 g. Intermediate to long day type. Tight white skins and mild flavor. Very tolerant to poor soil conditions. Medium keeper. Makes great onion rings..
Onion "Globo"
Hibernal onion for salad "Globo". A late variety of salad onion with an excellent taste. The bulb is large, of a broadly oval shape and a straw yellow colour. Due to the long growing period, the variety should be grown from precultiv..
Onion "Hiberna"
Overwintering onion "Hiberna" - Allium cepa L. Type: Winter. Days since sowing: Late. A short day variety of winter onion intended for autumn sowing and overwintering in the field. The flesh is white, fine and of a delicious fl..
Onion "Klaria"
Onion "Klaria" Small-celled, two-, three-pronged. Productivity up to 1.2-1.6 kg / m2. Features of agricultural technology: For open ground. For cultivation in annual and biennial crops. Ripening terms: Mid-season, vegetation period is ..
Onion "Lusy"
Onion "LUSY". This early variety with yellow-bronze skin quickly became popular among growers. LUSY has medium size bulbs with thin neck. The skin retention is good which allows medium term storage. GROWING PERIOD FROM SOWING 120 days. B..
Onion "Pompei"
Spring onion ''Pompei'' - Allium fistulosum L. An early long-day variety intended for spring sowing. The bulbs are small, white, and narrowly oval, with firm flesh. If grown for sterilizing, it is suitable to reduce bulb size b..
Onion "Rossa Di Firenze"
Red onion "Rossa di Firenze" for spring harvest and bunching. Saw tightly in rows (open field). 1,0 g = 250 seeds. ..
Onion "Stutgartska" (Stuttgarter Riesen)
Hibernal onion "Stuttgarter Riesen" (Stutgartska). A variety that should be grown from onion sets. The flesh is white. The variety is adaptable, highly yielding with a very good shelf life. A round-flat shaped variety with slightly hot f..
Onion "Wellina" /200 g/
Hibernal onion "Wellina". Type: Spring. Days since sowing: 130. Weight: up to 125 g. Mid-late long-day onion variety "Rheinsburger". The bulbs are dense, uniform, rounded, with a thin neck. Cover scales are yellow. High ..
Onion "Winteria" (overwintering)
Overwintering onion "Winteria" (SMCO30-2015). Medium early variety, resistant to shooting. High-yielding. Cold resistant. Average shelf life. 1,0 g = 250-320 seeds. ..
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