Solanum melongena L.
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Aubergine "White Knight" F1.
Fruitful, tasty and decorative.
An early, disease-resistant hybrid variety for growing in open ground (southern regions) and under temporary film covers in cool climates.
The fruits are cylindrical, about 20 cm long, with white skin. The pulp is white, dense and tender, without the bitter aftertaste characteristic of its purple “relatives”.
The plants are compact, up to 75 cm high. Well suited for growing in a greenhouse or in pots on the balcony.
Used for frying and stewing. Recommended as a delicious snack and side dish for meat. Perfect for canning.
Sowing of seedlings is carried out at the end of February. Planting seedlings - end of May.
Shaping: removing all side shoots and leaves up to the first fork. 5-6 of the largest ovaries are left on the plant, other flowers and ovaries are removed.
Planting pattern: 40x60 cm.

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