Allium schoenoprasum L.
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Chives "Praga" - Allium schoenoprasum L.
This is an early variety which is intended for forcing as well as field growing.
The leaves are light green and thin. They have a slightly sharp taste. The growing time, until the first harvest, is approximately 110 days. The harvest can be repeated. This variety has good over-wintering abilities. Planting starts in the spring or in the autumn with spacing of 20 x 10 cm. An early fertile variety, fit for acceleration and field growing. This variety is well hibernating. The leafs are rich in vitamin C.
Recommended for the home garden.

Allium schoenoprasum Murulauk


Eng.: Chives. Suom.: Ruohosipuli, ruoholaukka. Sven.: Gräslök. Bot.: Allium schoenoprasum L.

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