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Caraway "Appetitny" - Carum carvi L.
Biennial herb. From the beginning of leaf regrowth to harvesting for greens in the second year of the growing season - 35 days, to harvesting for seeds - 65 days. The rosette of leaves is raised. The flowers are small and white. The yield of green mass is 1.6-1.9 kg/m2, and the yield of seeds is 105 g/m2.
Recommended for using leaves and young shoots in salads, seeds for flavouring culinary and confectionery products and pickling cabbage and cucumbers.
Value of the crop: contains mineral salts, ascorbic acid, carotene and rutin. Decoctions of cumin seeds help with stomach and intestinal disorders in infants, stimulate appetite, and increase milk production in nursing mothers. The roots are used in cooking as a spicy additive. The leaves and young shoots are used in salads, and the seeds are used to flavour homemade baked goods, sauerkraut, and pickling cucumbers.
In folk medicine, caraway fruits are used for tumours, eye diseases, neuroses, metabolic disorders, intoxications, indigestion and flatulence.
Agricultural technology.
Sowing in a permanent place or for seedlings. The seeding depth is 1-1.5 cm. Seeds germinate at a temperature of +7..+8 °C. Shoots appear 18-25 days after sowing. The seedlings easily tolerate frosts. Soils are preferable to chernozem, sandy loam and light loamy soils (with sufficient humus content).
Demanding light, but tolerates partial shade. In the first year of life, the rows are loosened, weeded and fertilized. In the fall, it is necessary to do deep loosening and apply fertilizer.
Seeds are formed in the second year. Remove them when they begin to turn brown.

Bot. syn.: Carum velenovskyi Rohlena.

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