Stevia rebaudiana L.
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Sweet herb of paraguay (Candyleaf) - Stevia rebaudiana.
300 times sweeter than sugar! Delicious medicine!
Height 60-80 cm Perennial subtropical plant, grown in the middle lane as an annual. Stevia leaves contain a glycoside - stevioside, which is 300 times sweeter than sucrose. Unlike sugar, it has no side effects. It is a low-calorie sugar substitute for patients with diabetes mellitus, impaired carbohydrate metabolism, and cardiovascular diseases. The leaves are used fresh, and dried, in the form of syrup and extract.
Growing conditions.
Sowing seedlings in light, rich, well-drained soil, superficially (not incorporating). Seeds germinate at an optimum temperature of +18+20°C. Do not allow drying and waterlogging of the soil. Cutting shoots are produced 16-18 weeks after germination. Before frost, you can transplant the plant into a pot and grow it indoors, or dig up only the rhizome and store it cool until the next season, covered with soil.
1 gram contains 2700 seeds.

Sowing: January-February.
Transfer: May (3) - June (1.2).
Harvest: June (2.3)-August.

Eng.: Candyleaf, stevia, sweet herb, sweet herb of paraguay. Deu.: Süßkraut. Bot. syn.: Eupatorium rebaudianum Bertoni.

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