Cucumis sativus L.
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Spined (American) type - parthenocarpic cucumber "DAFNE" F1.
New spined parthenocarpic hybrid.
Very early, very high yielding variety that produces attractive, dark green fruit suitable for the fresh market as well as for salt and vinegar pickling.
Suitable for all indoor and outdoor environments. This variety is genetically non-bitter.
1,0 g = 35-45 seeds.

Parthenocarpic, cornichone-type cucumber. Bot.: Cucumis sativus L.

* Unusual pickling of cucumbers.
Ingredients: for a three-litre jar, you need 1.5 kg of cucumbers, 50 g of dill, 20 g of garlic, horseradish, celery, parsley, parsnip and black currant leaves, 100 g of salt (3 tablespoons).
1. Prepare the brine in advance: boil 1.5 litres of water, dropping all the indicated spices and salt into it. Boil and let the brine brew for 5-7 days for fermentation and strain.
2. Rinse cucumbers and pour cold water for 6 hours.
3. Place the cucumbers tightly in a sterile jar, boil the brine and pour over the cucumbers. Roll up and immediately put in a cool place (the cucumbers will then retain their green colour).

* Cucumbers pickled with apples or sweet peppers.
Ingredients: for 2 kg of cucumbers, half a kilogram of apples or bell peppers, 1 litre of water, 50 g of salt and sugar, 10 cherry leaves, 5 oak leaves, 5 lemongrass leaves (if any)
1. Pour boiling water over apples and cucumbers (if you use sweet pepper, then put it whole as well).
2. Put all the products tightly in a three-litre jar, add all the leaves and pour boiling brine three times.
3. To prepare the brine, add salt and sugar to a litre of boiling water. Pour, drain, boil, pour again, drain and repeat again.
4. Roll up and cool slowly under the covers.
Store in a cool place.

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