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Cucumber "Bohemia" F1
Pickling cucumber "BOHEMIA" F1 - Cucumis sativus L. Early, high yielding hybrid. Fruits of excellent quality, with large bumps, delicious, not bitter. Resistant to cucumber mosaic virus, cucurbit downy mildew, cladosporosis. Grows be..
Cucumber "Charlotte" F1
Cucumber "Charlotte" F1 - Smooth type. Non-parthenocarpic. Easy to pick up, very early, concentrated fruit set. Plant vigour: compact. Length/Width - 3,6:1.  CMV (cucumis mosaic virus) and CC (Scab) resistance. Extremely earl..
Cucumber "Dafne" F1
Spined (American) type - parthenocarpic cucumber "DAFNE" F1. New spined parthenocarpic hybrid. Very early, very high yielding variety that produces attractive, dark green fruit suitable for the fresh market as well as for salt and vinegar..
Cucumber "Elisabet" F1
Cucumber "ELISABET" F1 (Smooth type - parthenocarpic). A very early self-pollinating hybrid with a fruit ratio of 3.2:1. Finely tuberculate. Highly resistant to major cucumber diseases. This parthenocarpic variety is stress tolerant and s..
Cucumber "Fatima" F1
Pickling cucumber "Fatima" F1.   ..
Cucumber "Harriet" F1
Pickling cucumber "Harriet" F1. Mid-early parthenocarpic hybrid of the "Dutch" type, intended for cultivation in open ground and under temporary film shelters. Fruits medium hilly, up to 11 cm long. Fruits do not contain bittern..
Cucumber "Iwonna" F1
Pickling cucumber "Iwonna" F1. Non-parthenocarpic "Spined type". Mid-season bee-pollinated hybrid of gherkin type. The plant has very good growth vigor. The fruits are cylindrical, leveled, large-tuberous, uniform green color. ..
Cucumber "Minisprint" F1
Salad cucumber "MINISPRINT" F1 (BEITH ALPHA type). Parthenocarpic varieties for Indoor production. 100% female (pollination is unwanted). Big yielding cucumber with a very fast start to harvest. Nice uniform fruits with shiny dark green ..
Cucumber "Snack" F1
Cucumber "Snack" F1. Cucumber for forced growing. Semi-long salad cucumber. Length 15-17 cm. Lead the plants up on either strings. Drop-type watering recommended. ..
Cucumber "Sonada" F1
Cucumber "Sonada" F1. An early, productive hybrid. Recommended for intensive growing methods using drip irrigation. Resistant to major cucumber diseases. Designed for fresh use, for canning. Eng.: Cucumber. Sven.: Gurka. Suom.: Kurkku..
Gherkin "Anya" F1
Pickling cucumber "Anya" F1. Mid-season (55-62 days), parthenocarpic hybrid for open ground and film shelters. The taste is great. The plant is vigorous, female flowering type, the number of female flowers in a node is 1-3. Ghe..
Gherkin "Regina" F1
Gherkin "Regina" F1. A mid early hybrid variety which is highly suitable for colder regions. The fruits have a slightly coarse surface. The plant has a very good regenerative capacity. The ratio of length to width is 3:1.   ..
Salad cucumber "Amanda" F1
Slicing salad cucumber "Amanda" F1. An early, bee-pollinated hybrid of a long-fruited cucumber with a high yield. The plant is vigorous with good health indicators. The fruits are long, cylindrical, dark green in colour and 23-28 cm long...
Salad cucumber "Baby" F1
Cucumber "Baby" F1 - "Beit Alpha type". A very early, high yielding, "mini salad" type self-pollinating hybrid. Semi-long. Grown in pots - open balconies, PE greenhouses. Fruits are green, smooth, 15-17 cm long, weight..
Salad cucumber "Cheer" F1
Salad cucumber "Cheer" F1 (slicing type). An early American slicing cucumber (High Mark II.type) that is exceptionally quick to reach first harvest. The shiny dark green fruit have a firm skin, making them resistant to insect damage and su..
Salad cucumber "Lili" F1
Salad cucmber "LILI" F1 - SLICING TYPE. Nonpartenocarpic varieties for Out and Indoor production. Predominantly female. Pollination is necessary. Reliable standard slicing cucumber with attractive, dark green fruits and very good health. ..
Salad cucumber "Linda" F1
Salad cucumber "Linda" F1. Mid-early, high-yielding hybrid, which is grown both in a greenhouse and in open ground.   ..
Salad cucumber "Livie" F1
Salad cucumber "Livie" F1. Salad type hybrid for closed ground. ..
Salad cucumber "Markyza" F1
Salad cucumber "MARKYZA" F1 - SLICING TYPE. Nonpartenocarpic varieties for Out and Indoor production. Predominantly female. Pollination is necessary. Very early non-parthenocarpic slicing variety for open field and foil houses. "MAR..
Salad cucumber "Marlen" F1
Salad cucumber "Marlen" F1. Very early slicing cucumber with dark green uniform cylindrical fruits and perfect health and high yield. Marlen is recommended also for real professional growth. Perfect health and a high yield of very u..
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