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Larvicidal blocks in the form of square tablets for the destruction of mosquito adults and larvae of other insect pests in technical reservoirs (for professional and amateur use).
An insecticide based on pyriproxyfen and geraniol with a long-term effect against mosquito larvae, retaining its effectiveness for at least 3 months.
It is not affected by the presence of organic materials in polluted water. The preparation "Inzecto Larvicide G" can be included in the integrated management programs (IPM).
Store in a cool dry place.
Shelf life 24 months.

Instructions for use:
Place the blocks in a sewer, tank, or other closed system with stagnant water.
Under the influence of gravity, the blocks themselves will sink to the bottom.
Dosage: 1 block per pit latrine or other small to medium sized covered container. For more water, use one block for every 20 liters.

NB! Do not use larvicidal blocks in drains or channels that flow into natural water bodies.
Avoid contact with food or drink during use. Wash skin contact areas thoroughly with soap and water after use.

Larvicides are a type of insecticide, that is, preparations for the extermination of arthropods. The difference between these funds from others is that the effect occurs at the larval stage. The action of the poisonous substance occurs by contact. The caterpillar or larva comes into contact with a special solution, for example, eating plants, and then dies from the poisoning effect. Larvicidal treatment at the beginning of the season is most effective, as the composition is less harmful or useless to adults.
The uniqueness of larvicides lies in the fact that they act on the larvae of various parasites: mosquitoes, flies, mosquitoes, midges, etc.
It is advisable to start the fight before the peak of insect activity. This will destroy pests at the egg stage, preventing their transition to an adult, as well as protect against the spread of infectious diseases.

To maintain the effect, it is necessary to comply with some preventive measures:
* entrance doors and ventilation must be in working order
* there should be no garbage, sewage, puddles in the premises and on the site
* in case of flooding, accident, blockage in communications, it is necessary to immediately eliminate them and eliminate excess liquid. The room should be ventilated and dried.
* water in tanks and containers with water for irrigation and household needs, decorative containers must be completely changed at least once a week
* when watering vegetable crops, it is necessary to ensure that excess water does not accumulate in ditches and drains.

Modern traps and fumigators are not able to completely exterminate all mosquitoes, since some insects still survive and lay eggs, from which larvae develop, and then adults. As a result, more and more hordes of bloodsuckers rush in search of prey. To break this "vicious circle" and this drug was developed. It does not work on adult mosquitoes, but it is detrimental to their larvae. Already 4-24 hours after the drug enters the reservoir, their survival rate is no more than 1%.
Therefore, the combined use of the larvicidal preparation "Inzecto" and a mosquito exterminator trap (for example, "Inz-eco") allows you to completely destroy all mosquitoes and their larvae, providing reliable protection of the residential area from bloodsuckers for the entire season.
Of course, you can use the drug without an exterminator trap, but in this case, it will take much more time to achieve a complete cleaning of the territory from pests.

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