Centaurea macrocephala L.
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Golden thistle - Centaurea macrocephala = Grossheimia macrocephala.
A perennial plant of the Asteraceae family, 30-70 cm high. The stem is erect, branched in the upper part. Blooms from June to late autumn. Flowers are golden yellow.
Very undemanding, grows well in both wet and dry soils. Decorate an alpine hill, a path, suitable for a cut. Cornflower is a wonderful honey plant. Used in folk medicine.
They are used for group plantings, mixborders, rockeries, and also serve as a good decoration for bouquets.
The plant is winter-hardy, drought-resistant to soils undemanding. Prefers nutritious, loose soils and sunny places. Seeds are sown in April in a permanent place with subsequent thinning, maintaining a distance between plants of 30-35 cm. At a soil temperature of +18°C, seedlings appear in 14-20 days.
Rejuvenation is carried out by dividing the bush every 3-4 years.
Used in mixed plantings in the background or in tapeworms.
This spectacular powerful plant is often given a key role in garden composition.
The large-headed cornflower is photophilous, winter-hardy and drought-resistant. Grows well in soils containing lime.
Recommended for single and group plantings on the lawn, in flower beds.

Globe cornflower, Golden thistle, Bighead knapweed. Bot. syn.: Grossheimia macrocephala.

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