Allium cernuum L.
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Lady's leek (Nodding pink onion) - Allium cernuum.
Long-lasting garden perennial with graceful drooping inflorescences.
Origin: North America and northern Mexico.
Drought tolerant. Winter hardiness zones: Z4 - Z9.
Flower colour: pale pink.
Foliage: thin, grey-green.
Flowering plant height: 35 cm.
Natural flowering period: July - August.
Soil requirements: dry, medium fertile.

1,0 g = 280 seeds.
Spectacular perennial bow for rock garden or the front edge of a mixborder, suitable for meadows or plantings on the edge of a forest.
Drooping hemispherical inflorescences-umbrellas with a pale pink color look spectacular against the background of gray-green graceful leaves. The leaves are edible.
It grows in a neat, beautiful bush. Outwardly similar to Allium nutans.
It is characterized by late flowering, which begins in mid-summer, replacing the flowering of spectacular Anzur onions.

Recommendations for sowing and care.
Most ornamental onions are best sown before winter on a well-prepared breeding bed. When sowing in February-March, dig containers with crops into the garden, sprinkle with snow. In the process of gradual thawing of the soil substrate and the passage of melt water through it, the seed coat and the inhibitory layer are destroyed, which prevents rapid germination. When a constant temperature is established within + 5 + 12 ° С, friendly shoots appear. Ornamental bulbs prefer full sun and well-drained soil with lime added. When propagated by seed, they bloom for 2-6 years. Mature plants reproduce by bulbils or division.

Eng.: Nodding pink onion, lady's leek, nodding onion, wild onion.

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