Viola x wittrockiana
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Red viola with a dark center from the "Swiss Giants" variety series.
The most recognized variety!
Perennial, grown as a biennial, highly branched, 15-25 cm high. Flowers are single, large (6-10 cm), of a wide variety of colours.
Growing conditions.
Seeds are planted in the ground in early June, and planted in a permanent place in August. Flowering occurs 10 months after sowing and continues for 1.5-2 months.
Viola can also be grown as an annual, sowing seedlings in February - early March. In this case, the viola will bloom in June-July.
1.0 g = 650-750 seeds.

* Viola blooms almost any time. It is cold-resistant, unpretentious, grows in the sun and in partial shade, and tolerates replanting well in a flowering state.
The variety of varieties allows the crop to be used in regular and landscape flower beds of any style, as well as in container decoration, including on balconies and windows. And the richest range of colors, nuances of color and the amazing charm of these velvety violets attract people of all ages and classes.
In classical floriculture, Wittrock's viola is a biennial that, depending on the timing of sowing and planting in the ground, blooms at any time of the year. And according to its biological characteristics, it is a perennial plant, which after 2 years of cultivation continues to vegetate, but loses its decorative value.

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