Cnicus benedictus
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Spotted Thistle - Cnicus benedictus.
Organic seeds.
Contains 1 species - Cnicus benedictus, also called cardobenedict.
Grows in dry places, wastelands, along roadsides and in crops. It is found in the Mediterranean and Western Asia, in the Caucasus and Central Asia.
One-year-old medicinal plant from the Asteraceae family.
Flower colour: golden yellow.
Flowering plant height: 40 cm.
Natural flowering period: June - August.
Winter hardiness zones: Z5 - Z9.
Preparations from knykus are used in medicine and veterinary medicine as bitterness to improve appetite and digestion. Flowering parts of the stem with leaves are used in the manufacture of liqueurs.

Cnicus benedictus Kibeohakas
Kibeohakas, Cnicus benedictus, Кардобенедикт, Чертополох, Кникус благословенный, Волчец кудрявый
Blessed Thistle, Holy Thistle, Spotted Thistle. Bot. syn.: Carduus benedictus L.

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