Liatris scariosa L.
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Eastern Blazing Star "Alba" (White Spires) - Liatris scariosa.
Perennial from the Asteraceae family.
Natural flowering period: July - September.
Winter hardiness zones: Z3 - Z8.
Flowering plant height: 90 cm.
Plants of this species have relatively wide leaves, having a diameter of 2.5 cm.
Location: grows well in a sunny, warm or hot place.
Soil: moderately dry, fresh, loose, rich in nutrients. On heavy, damp soils, the plant rots.
Care: treat the bush in the spring. Fertilize the soil well. Cut off the inflorescences after they bloom.
The rhizome is often gnawed by mice. Winter-hardy without shelter, freezes only in severe snowless winters.
Reproduction: dividing the bush and seeds. 1.0 g = 600 seeds.
There are no difficulties with germinating seeds and growing seedlings. Seedlings bloom in the third year.
Division is recommended every 3 years. With proper care, even small delenki bloom in the first year.
Transplant tolerates without damage in any growing season.
Usage: for group and curb plantings, for original cutting.

Liatris scariosa Alba
White Eastern Blazing Star.

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