Achillea clypeolata
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Balkan yarrow - Achillea clypeolata.

Family: Compositae.
Origin: Balkans.
Special Features: a shorter version of Achillea filipendulina.
History: used in hybrid crosses with the taller Achillea filipendulina.
Colour: flat heads of bright yellow.
Natural Flowering Period: June - August.
Winter Hardiness: Z5.
Growth Habit: clumping.
Foliage: grey-green, pinnate-shaped.
Height with Flower: 50 cm.
Spacing between Plants: 50 cm.
Soil Requirement: well-drained soils, pH 5.8 - 6.8.
Location: full sun.
Use: suitable for the rock garden or the front of the border with Coreopsis, Eryngium and Platycodon.
Specialities: Outstanding fresh, or dried, cut flowers.

Achillea clypeolata Kilp-raudrohi

Achillea clypeolata Kilp-raudrohi
Balkan Yarrow. Bot.syn.: Achillea alexandri-borzae Prodan, Achillea borzana Prodan.

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